Marina Rosenfeld summons spectral choral compositions on Teenage Lontano





Made from the manipulated sounds of childrens’ voices.

Marina Rosenfeld has released a new album, called Teenage Lontano, via Room40.

The album comprises two pieces, with the title track a unique ‘cover’ of Hungarian composer György Ligeti’s 1967 composition ‘Lontano’, reimagined as an immersive sound environment bisected by a column of teenagers singing beneath a rotating loudspeaker.

‘roygbiv&b’, meanwhile, was recorded at South London Gallery in 2014, and features the layered sounds of a London youth choir.

Teenage Lontano follows Rosenfeld’s Deathstar album, released last year on Félicia Atkinson and Bartolomé Sanson’s Shelter Press imprint.

Purchase a copy of Teenage Lontano here, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Teenage Lontano
2. roygbiv&b

Photo by: fabonthemoon