Marcel Dettmann is releasing his first solo album in almost 10 years





Fear Of Programming will drop via Dekmantel Records, this November.

Marcel Dettmann has announced the release of his upcoming album, Fear Of Programming.

Coming through Dekmantel Records on November 25, Fear Of Programming will be Dettmann’s first solo album since 2013’s Dettmann II.

Promising “ambient sojourns, beatless epics, angular electronica” and “strident, floor-friendly workouts”, Fear Of Programming features 13 tracks and a guest vocal performance from Ryan Elliott.

You can pre-order the double black vinyl LP now.


Side A:
1. Coral
2. Suffice To Predict
3. Renewal Theory
4. Transport

Side B:
1. Water (Feat. Ryan Elliott)
2. Pxls
3. Reverse Dreams

Side C:
1. x12
2. (Batteries Not Included)
3. Picture 2020

Side D:
1. Selective Dissolution
2. Tone
3. Fear Of Programming