Madlib raids his “4 tons of vinyl” to release alter-ego Quasimoto rarities



Produced by Madlib, the much-anticipated Quasimoto compilation Yessir Whatever includes twelve tracks from roughly twelve years as the Beat Konducta’s alter-ego.

The rare, out-of-print, previously unreleased material that comprise Yessir Whatever were originally intended as private music for a close circle of friends from Madlib’s early years in Oxnard, California.

The MC alter-ego of the prolific producer, Quasimoto made his first outing on The Unseen in 2000 and having been almost eight years since sequel The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, time seemed right for a resurrection.

Out on Stones Throw on the 18th June, the release comes with incredible peel-able sticker artwork by Jeff Jank that reveals Quasimoto’s ‘guts’ and a 7″ bonus single “Hittin’ Hooks”. [via Pitchfork]

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