“Listening to vinyl makes you better than people who don’t listen to vinyl”: Watch this sketch poking fun at record collectors




Spoof of the day.

Only once something has enough cultural cachet does it warrant a spoof, so it’s probably about time vinyl took one on the chin. Already viewed over 85,000 times in under two days, Matt Ingebretson’s satirical sketch The Record Collector has obviously hit a nerve among those irked or tickled by the resurgence of vinyl and all its connotations of snobbery and hipsterism.

Poking fun at videos of collectors (a practice we’re proud to be guilty of ourselves) as well as the people themselves, self-confessed ‘vinyl junkie’ Timony LeRoux ticks off all the cliches, from describing his collection as ‘eclectic’ to professing that vinyl ‘sounds better’ before later contradicting himself to assert that the real reason he listens to vinyl is because “listening to vinyl makes you better than people who don’t listen to vinyl”.

And Timony LeRoux is not alone in flagging up vinyl snobbery, with drummer, producer and proud owner of over 70,000 records Questlove chiming in on the subject in a recent interview.

Also note that Timony LeRoux is sporting the iconic IKEA Expedit shelf, whose termination from the production line was met with consternation from likely the same people sharing this video.

Watch it below:

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