Laurel Halo launches new label, Awe



Alongside an accompanying NTS radio show, featuring forthcoming releases and inspirations.

Laurel Halo has launched a new label, called Awe.

Speaking about its name, Halo shares: “to me, awe is something you feel when confronted with forces beyond your control: nature, the cosmos, chaos, human error, hallucinations.”

Awe will encompass Halo’s solo and collaborative work, with releases including music, objects, and texts.

Halo is also helming a new Awe monthly radio show on NTS, showcasing the sounds and moods currently inspiring the label, as well as premiering unreleased material.

Listen to its debut episode below:

It follows the release of Halo’s score for Possessedone of our favourite records in 2020.

Photo by: Antoine Viviani.