Kode9 has installed a 40,000-watt sound system in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall



Rumbling 40,000-watts of sub bass.

UK producer Kode9 has designed the sound for a new installation by Cuban artist and activist Tania Brugeura at London’s Tate Modern museum.

The sound system is part of Bruguera’s installation in the museum’s sweeping Turbine Hall which is created as “a community driven response to the global migration crisis”, according to the Tate.

Its title, currently 10,143,225 at time of writing, will be ever-increasing throughout the installation, and corresponds to the “the number of people who migrated from one country to another last year added to the number of migrant deaths recorded so far this year – to indicate the sheer scale of mass migration and the risks involved.”

10,143,225 is comprised of three parts, one of which is a low-frequency sound delivered via the 40,000 watts of sub bass designed by Kode9.

A heat sensitive floor has also been installed, that will reveal a hidden portrait of a Syrian immigrant if enough people lie on it at the same time.

Finally a small room nearby will induce tears through an airborne compound released into the space. The installation is designed to induce “forced empathy”. Each visitor will also have the current title of the exhibition stamped on her or his hand upon entering.

Head here for more information on the installation, which runs through February 2019.

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