Kenyan sound artist KMRU fuses ambient and field recordings on Logue





Ethereal soundscapes to get lost in.

KMRU is releasing a new album, titled Logue, via Injazero Records this May.

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Comprising works created between 2017 and 2019, Logue combines ambient with field recordings and analogue synthesis.

As KMRU, real name Joseph Kamaru, explains, “every track reflects an event, space or location. The pieces are developed from field recordings, improvisation and spontaneity.”

Logue follows his Jar album, released in 2020 on Seil Records.

Pre-order Logue here in advance of its 14th May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below


1. Argon
2. Jinja Encounters
3. OT
4. A Meditation of Listening
5. Und
6. 11
7. Bai Fields
8. Logue
9. Points