Klipsch crafts limited edition speakers for 70th anniversary




Just 70 pairs of the iconic Klipschorns are available.

Legendary speaker maker Klipsch is to mark its 70th anniversary with the release of 70 pairs of limited edition Klipschorn speakers, complete with a newly enhanced rear low-frequency horn, and 70 pairs of its smaller model, the Heresy.

Since launching the line in 1946, the Klipschorn has become the only speaker to be in continuous production for 70 years, supplying the sound for David Mancuso’s legendary Loft parties and subsequently many of London’s top vinyl listening spots.

One of the most iconic speakers out there with a design legacy to match, both limited editions will be hand-made with Australian walnut, special edition logos and the unique grille cloths that have come to define the Klipsch look. And, as they’re limited, there’s a small number plaque on each one.

Head over to the Klipsch website, where you can opt to pay for the $16,000 pair of Klipschorns in instalments (or $3,200 for the Heresy), and check out the gallery below for a closer look.

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