The Fascinating World of Electronic Music reissued on vinyl





Early experimental electronics from the 1950s, featuring one of the world’s first electronic pop compositions

Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt’s 1963 album The Fascinating World of Electronic Music is being reissued on vinyl, via We Are Busy Bodies this November.

Recorded between 1957 and 1959, The Fascinating World of Electronic Music saw the duo combining jazz elements with experimental electronics, and features one of the first pop compositions — ‘Song Of The Second Moon’.

Alongside the reissue the label is also releasing Dissevelt’s 1965 follow up album Fantasy in Orbit, which looked to outer space and science fiction for inspiration.

Both records will be released on the 19th November.

Pre-order The Fascinating World of Electronic Music here, and Fantasy in Orbit here; check out the artwork and tracklist below.

The Fascinating World of Electronic Music

1. Syncopation
2. Intersection (Fantasy For Electronic Sound And Orchestra)
3. Drifting
4. Vibration
5. Song Of The Second Moon
6. Whirling
7. Mechanical Motions
8. Pianoforte

Fantasy In Orbit

1. Ignition [Mono]
2. Atlantic [Mono]
3. Spearhead [Mono]
4. Anchor Chains [Mono]
5. Zanzi [Mono]
6. Tropicolours [Mono]
7. Gamelan [Mono]
8. Woomerangs [Mono]
9. Waltzing Matilda [Mono]
10. Pacific Dawn [Mono]
11. Gold and Lead [Mono]
12. Mexican Mirror [Mono]
13. Seconds to Eternity [Mono]
14. Re-Entry [Mono]
15. Ignition [Stereo]
16. Atlantic [Stereo]
17. Spearhead [Stereo]
18. Zanzi [Stereo]
19. Anchor Chains [Stereo]
20. Tropicolours [Stereo]
21. Gamelan [Stereo]
22. Woomerangs [Stereo]
23. Waltzing Matilda [Stereo]
24. Pacific Dawn [Stereo]
25. Gold and Lead [Stereo]
26. Mexican Mirror [Stereo]
27. Seconds to Eternity [Stereo]
28. Re-Entry [Stereo]

Photo credit: Royal Philips / Philips Company Archives