Kenny Larkin reissuing Metaphor in expanded edition





“Techno soul.”

Kenny Larkin is reissuing his Metaphor album in an expanded edition, via his own Art of Dance imprint this May.

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Originally released in 1995, Metaphor is described as an extension of Larkin’s “techno soul agenda,” imbuing Detroit techno with futuristic synthesizers.

The expanded edition features three bonus tracks not included on the original 1995 release — ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Loop 1.5’, and ‘Catatonic (Part 2)’.

It follows the reissue of Larkin’s 1994 debut album Azimuth, in 2020.

Pre-order Metaphor here in advance of its 14th May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. Intro
2. Metaphor

Side B

1. Nocturnal
2. Loop 1
3. Java

Side C

1. Groove
2. 1.5
3. Catatonic (First State)

Side D

1. Catatonic (Part 2)
2. Loop 2
3. Soul Man

Side E

1. Sympathy
2. Butterflies

Side F

1. Amethyst
2. Life Goes On

Photo by: Merlijn Hoek