Jeff Parker unveils new album of solo guitar pieces, Forfolks





“Loop-driven, stratiform works that marry melodic improvisation with electronic textures.”

Jeff Parker is releasing a new album of solo guitar pieces, called Forfolks, via International Anthem this December.

Recorded by Graeme Gibson across two days at Parker’s Sholo Studio, Forfolks features original tracks alongside interpretations of Thelonious Monk’s ‘Ugly Beauty’, and the standard ‘My Ideal.’

“It’s a particular thing to hear Jeff play solo. … Hearing him craft entire sound worlds on these eight selections gives us an opportunity to really see how Parker orders sound,” shares Matthew Lux in the liner notes.

“The structures here challenge our preconceptions of background and foreground. All the layers are primary.”

Forfolks follows the International Anthem’s release of Ben LaMar Gay’s Open Arms To Us album, in November.

Pre-order Forfolks here in advance of its 10th December release, check out the tracklist and artwork below.


​​1. Off Om
2. Four Folks
3. My Ideal
4. Suffolk
5. Flour Of Fur
6. Ugly Beauty
7. Excess Success
8. La Jetée

Photo by: Stefano Galli