JAY and Samuel Purcell launch charity compilation series in response to Coronavirus pandemic



“Inspiration now ignites itself from forgotten corners…”

JAY and Samuel Purcell have launched a new charity compilation series, The Birds That Mimic Solitude, in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

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Inspired by the evolutionary and unifying nature of bird calls, the first instalment collects tracks from JAY herself alongside, Bianca Scout, Angel D’lite, Soreab, Andrea Ottomani, Toby Tobias, Dance (aka Sam Purcell) and Jack Chrysalis.

“In our capitals and towns, silence broods under the treetops. Birds take to the high twisted branches and wonder where all the cheers and cries of humanity have gone. Inspiration now ignites itself from forgotten corners,” shares JAY.

All proceeds from The Birds That Mimic Solitude – Vol I will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust to support vulnerable communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Head here to purchase The Birds That Mimic Solitude – Vol. I, check out the artwork and tracklist below


1. Bianca Scout – Monks Orchard
2. Dance – Amber
3. Andrea Ottomani – Le Pietre
4. JAY – Predictive Message Theory
5. Jack Chrysalis – Life Code
6. Angel D’lite – Transcendental Wish
7. Toby Tobias – Redo 100
8. Soreab – No One

Artwork by Patrick Savile.