Industrial pop meets “computerised yearning” on JASSS’ new Ostgut Ton album





Exploring selfhood, anxieties, and the insufficiencies of language.

Producer and DJ JASSS is releasing a new album — titled A World Of Service — via Ostgut Ton this November.

Across the record, she works with abstract electronics, industrial pop, “computerised yearnings”, and her own vocals.

A World Of Service seeks to explore both the human and technological barrier to interconnectivity, subsequently tapping into themes of selfhood, anxieties, and the failures of language.

It follows the label’s release of Luke Slater’s collaborative album DIALOGUEone of our favorite records from September.

Pre-order A World Of Service here in advance of its 26th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. Birds You Can Name
2. Camelo
3. Luis
4. Busto

Side B

1. A World Of Service
2. In Your Mouth
3. Vapor Dentro
4. Wish

Photo by: Gwendal Le Flem