A Japanese audiophile bar and coffee shop has opened in London



Inspired by Tokyo’s kissa jazz listening bars.

A new audiophile bar and coffee shop pop-up called Moonglow London is opening in Dalston this October.

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Founded by Charlie Osborne, the venue is inspired by the kissa jazz listening bars of Tokyo.

Moonglow’s soundsytem includes Tannoy Arden Mk1 speakers, with custom crossovers built by Reference Fidelity Components; a Thorens TD124 Mk2, with an original Thorens BTD 12s tonearm, all refurbished by Schopper AG; and an EAR Yoshino 834 integrated amplifier and 834p phono stage.

“I will be putting my record collection behind the bar itself, using my own hifi, and running the place on my own with the occasional help of my wife, family, and friends, with all profits going to the Steve Reid Foundation,” explains Osborne.

“The plan is for record collectors, DJs, and personalities to come and play the kind of music that they may not normally get the chance to play out in public – the bar will not really be focused on dancing in a club sense, although it should ramp up to something fun at the end of each night!”

Moonglow London is open from 25th October through 18th November at 446 Kingsland Road.

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