Classic horror film Nosferatu has soundtrack released on vinyl

Classic horror film Nosferatu has soundtrack released on vinyl




One of the greatest silent films ever made.

F.W. Murnau’s vampire film Nosferatu set the bar high for horror movies way back in 1922.

Still regarded as one of the greatest in the genre, the silent film was originally scored for live orchestra by composer Hans Erdmann, only for records of the performances to be lost in the intervening years.

It wasn’t the only loss. An unauthorized retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the film’s makers were subsequently sued by Stoker’s estate, resulting in the destruction of all but a few copies of the film.

Without a score, several composers have since penned their own music to accompany the narrative. Perhaps the most famous of the lot, hammer horror composer James Bernard’s Nosferatu soundtrack is now set for vinyl release, almost twenty years since it was used in the Tanis Film reissue back in 1997.

Not to be confused with Popol Vuh’s score to the Werner Herzog remake, which was also recently reissued, James Barnard’s Nosferatu will be released by Silva Screen records on double transparent red vinyl on 28th October. [via Bloody Disgusting]

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