IsoAcoustics unveils wooden “butcher block” turntable isolation platforms



Do they make the cut?

IsoAcoustics has announced a new range of wood isolation platforms called the DELOS series.

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Crafted from maple, the four models combine IsoAcoustics’ isolation technology wth a maple block base, and range in price from £399 – £699, depending on size.

Turntables are extremely sensitive to vibrations. The stylus navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s grooves is a delicate process that is easily interrupted by vibrations.” explains IsoAcoustics’ Dave Morrison.

“We found the most effective solution to diminish the effects of external vibrations was integrating our isolators into a butcher block to combine mass with our patented isolation technology.”

DELOS series will be available 1st September. Head here for more info.