IsoAcoustics unveils new turntable and hi-fi isolator



Turntable tootsies.

IsoAcoustics has unveiled a new accessory designed to reduce sound interference, called the OREA Graphite.

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“Turntables are extremely sensitive to vibrations. The stylus navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s grooves is a delicate process that is easily interrupted by vibrations”, explains IsoAcoustics’ Dave Morrison.

The OREA Graphite (£45 per isolator) has been designed for use with smaller hi-fi setups and turntables, and works to remove unwanted vibrations to improve sound quality.

The OREA range comes in four versions, ranging between £45 – £80: Graphite (40 x 27mm, 1.8kg) Bronze (50 x 29, 3.6kg), Indigo (58 x 33mm, 7.2kg), Bordeaux (67 x 36mm, 14.5kg).

Head here for more info, check out the design below.