Innov Gnawa offer spiritual singing and entrancing rhythms on new album, Lila





Recorded in a single take over a five-hour session.

Gnawa outfit Innov Gnawa are releasing a new album, called Lila, via Daptone Records this April.

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Gnawa music was born from the community of the same name in Morocco, and typically combines spiritual lyrics with trance-like rhythms.

Innov Gnawa recorded Lila in a single take over a five-hour session at The Daptone House of Soul.

The album’s title comes from the lila ceremonies that incorporate song, music, dance, costume, and incense and take place over the course of an entire night, ending around dawn. The focus is on healing through music.

Lila follows the label’s February release of Menahan Street Band’s The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band album.

Pre-order Lila here in advance of its 30th April release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Youmala/Zidelmal
2. Chorfa
3. El Bouhala
4. El Kouhel
5. El Ghaba
6. Hamdouchia