Iggy Pop’s David Bowie-produced album The Idiot reissued on white vinyl





The 1977 classic is back on vinyl.

Recorded after the dissolution of The Stooges and a period of incarceration (self-imposed and otherwise), Iggy Pop’s The Idiot is set for a limited vinyl reissue via Four Men With Beards.

A David Bowie and Tony Visconti production, The Idiot was met with bemusement by fans of The Stooges’ feral guitars.

Described by Pop before its release as a cross between James Brown & Kraftwerk, it was defined instead by a more mechanised sound that was a formative influence on the post-punk of Magazine, Pixies and Joy Division.

Overlooked at the time (and overshadowed by Lust For Life, which followed just 6 months later), it has since become one of the most sought after milestones in Iggy Pop’s restless catalogue and a testament to the visionary production of David Bowie, who was instrumental in crafting a sound so thoroughly ahead of its time. For Bowie, The Idiot has been hailed as the “unofficial” prologue to his own “Berlin trilogy”.

This new edition of Iggy Pop’s The Idiot will be released on clear white vinyl and is limited to just 1,000 copies. Pre-order now ahead of its release on 6th October.


Side A:
1. Sister Midnight
2. Nightclubbing
3. Funtime
4. Baby
5. China Girl

Side B:
1. Dum Dum Boys
2. Tiny Girls
3. Mass Production