This Bob Marley-inspired turntable is made of bamboo and hemp



And recycled plastic bottles.

House of Marley, the earth-friendly electronics company run by Bob Marley’s children, has unveiled its first turntable.

Like all House of Marley products, the ‘Stir it Up’ turntable is made from a wide array of sustainable materials, including hemp, reclaimed cotton and biodegradable and recycled old plastic bottles. The plinth is crafted from natural bamboo, a material that “enables frequent harvesting without causing damage to the ecosystem.”

The belt-driven deck includes a built-in pre-amp that’s compatible with any of the House of Marley speakers and there’s the option for USB to PC recording. Unlike the majority of lower-end turntables, this one has a counter-weight and anti-skate though there’s not yet detail on wow and flutter specs so its quality remains unverifiable for now.

Still, House of Marley donate proceeds of annual profits to 1Love, the Marley family’s charity that supports education and sustainability on earth.

Have a closer look in the gallery below and pre-order the turntable – which will retail later this year for £179.99 – from Amazon.