Hiroshi Kawaguchi’s original 1987 After Burner II soundtrack released on purple 2xLP





Featuring the prolific Japanese composer alongside the Sega Sound Team Band.

The original eighties soundtrack for Sega video game After Burner II is being reissued on double vinyl for the first time, this May via Data Discs.

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The score was created by Japanese composer and keyboardist Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi, a veteran of Sega’s sound team who has been working with the video game company since the 1980s.

Kawaguchi was also a member of the Sega Sound Team Band, the company’s in-house band from 1988 – 1983 responsible for creating “rock versions” of its arcade games for festivals and albums, which became known as the sound unit [H.] – and is still active today.

Remastered for this first ever vinyl release outside of Japan, the After Burner II 2xLP features its complete arcade score and a “Melody Version” of the title track.

The second disc includes three versions by the SST Band,  as well as a “keyboard and brass infused” medley from the sound unit.

Pre-order a copy of After Burner II here ahead of its 17th May release, listen to clips from the arcade score, and check out the track list below.


Arcade Versions

Side A

A1. Maximum Power
A2. Final Take Off
A3. After Burner
A4. City 202

Side B

B1. Red Out
B2. Super Stripe
B3. After Burner (Melody Version)

Arranged Versions

Side C

C1. Final Take Off (S.S.T. Band, 1988)
C2. After Burner (S.S.T. Band, 1988)

Side D

D1. Maximum Power & Red Out (S.S.T. Band, 1988)
D2. After Burner Medley (SEGA Sound Unit [H.], 2007)