Grace Jones’ first three LPs reissued on vinyl as The Disco Years box set





A new look at Jones’ pre-Compass Point disco phase.

Before her turn towards reggae-meets-new wave, Grace Jones made her name with a trio of disco albums released between 1977 and 1979. Portfolio, Fame and Muse were produced by disco forefather Tom Moulton and recorded at Sigma Sound, the home of Philadelphia International Records.

The three albums will be remastered and reissued as a vinyl box set titled The Disco Years, offering a disco “time capsule” that is miles — literally and figuratively — from the Compass Point trilogy of Warm Leatherette, Nightclubbing and Living My Life.

The four-LP set includes the original LPs plus an 8-song singles compilation drawn from the 3-CD set; the vinyl tracklist is below. [via FACT]

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Side One
1 Send In The Clowns 7:33
2 What I Did For Love 5:15
3 Tomorrow 5:48

Side Two
1 La Vie En Rose 7:28
2 Sorry 4:00
3 That’s The Trouble 3:38
4 I Need A Man 3:25

Side One
1 Do Or Die 6:43
2 Pride 6:27
3 Fame 5:35

Side Two
1 Autumn Leaves 7:03
2 All On A Summer’s Night 4:18
3 Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City 5:31
4 Below The Belt 4:55

Side One
1 Sinning 5:07
2 Suffer 4:15
3 Repentance (Forgive Me) 3:51
4 Saved 7:09

Side Two
1 Atlantic City Gambler 5:48
2 I’ll Find My Way To You 5:16
3 Don’t Mess With The Messer 4:51
4 On Your Knees 6:24

Singles LP
Side One
1 Sorry (Long Version) 6:45
2 That’s The Trouble (Long Version) 7:01
3 I Need A Man (Long Version) 7:37
4 La Vie En Rose (Short Version) 3:36

Side Two
1 Do Or Die (12” Disco Version) 6:16
2 Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) 4:31
3 On Your Knees (12” Disco Version) 6:32
4 Don’t Mess With The Messer (Long Version) 6:33