Goldie launches new record label, Fallen Tree 1Hundred



“To represent his musical tastes and visions that fall outside of d’n’b.”

Goldie is launching a new record label, called Fallen Tree 1Hundred.

Moving away from d’n’b, Fallen Tree 1Hundred will instead “shine a light on artists of all genres who have real strength and integrity in the craft of songwriting and composition,” explains Goldie.

The first release comes from British pianist and singer-songwriter Natalie Duncan, whose forthcoming album Free mixes elements of neo-soul, r’n’b and jazz.

It follows Goldie celebrating the 21st anniversary of his second studio album Saturnz Return with a special edition.

Fallen Tree 1Hundred will release Free on the 31st July; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Kansas
2. Atrium
3. Sirens
4. Pools
5. Nova
6. Autumn
7. Glass
8. Karma
9. Lucid
10. Strange
11. Brave
12. Diamond