Elusive 1983 UK reggae album by I Benjahman reissued for the first time





All of jah action.

The debut album by UK-born, Jamaican musican I Benjahman, Fraction of Jah Action, is being rereleased on vinyl this December, via Hot Milk.

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“Even though UK reggae was looked down upon as inferior to the Jamaican stuff, it could really hold its own,” explains Hot Milk Records founder Eddy Zero.

“Similar to UK funk/disco when compared to the US stuff, instantly recognisable as different but in no way inferior, just a different take.”


Fraction of Jah Action LP reissue omits one track from the original album, and includes three dub versions that appeared on various 12” singles: ‘Mind Blowing Dub’, ‘Lion Kingdom Dub Flash’, ‘Prosperous Dub’.

Pre-order a copy here ahead of its December 2017 release, check out the track list and listen to the single version of ‘Family Affair’ below.


Side One

1. Give Love A Try
2. Mind Blowing Dub
3. She Got To Know
4. Jah Nation
5. Lion Kingdom Dub Flash

Side Two

1. Jah World Will Keep On Turning
2. Prosperous Dub
3. Family Affar
4. Natural Forces