Footsie announces debut LP with cameos from JME, D Double E and more





With a spicy video for first single ‘Pepper Stew’.

Grime producer and MC Footsie is releasing his debut solo album, No Favours, this May via his own Studio 55 imprint.

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Footsie first gained recognition as a member of N.A.S.T.Y Crew – with Kano, Marcus Nasty, Jammer, D Double E, Ghetts, Stormin, Mak 10, Monkstar, Sharky Major, Armour, and Hyper – before later forming Newham Generals with D Double E.

No Favours features contributions from artists including D Double E, P Money, Kwes Darko, and JME.

It follows Footsie’s ‘Polo / Dicing With Death’ 10″ in 2019, as well as his King Original Vol. 4 LP in 2017.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below in advance of No Favours’ 22nd May release.


1. Restless Jack featuring CASisDEAD
2. Pepper Stew featuring JME
3. No Favours
4. Finesse
5. FWD Skit
6. Pattern & Program
7. My Own Wave featring D Double E & Pepper Rose
8. Hills Of Zion featuring OG Rootz & Frisco
9. Music Money featuring D Double E & Jammer
10. G Set featuring Prez T & P Money
11. Underwater featuring J Appiah
12. Frank Bruno featuring Triggz
13. Easy For You featuring J Appiah

Photo by: Tim Borrow