Berghain resident Fiedel launches vinyl-only imprint, SUPER SOUND TOOL





“Dedicated to perfectly crafted, yet playful, techno.”

DJ Fiedel has launched a vinyl-only label, called SUPER SOUND TOOL.

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The new imprint will cut wider grooves than standard to increase volume and improve “the signal-to-noise ratio while practically eliminating background noise”, as Fiedel notes.

SUPER SOUND TOOL’s first release, SUPER SOUND TOOL #1, moves from Mode_1’s fast-paced techno track ‘Return’, to Duncan Macdonald’s acid tune ‘Not Everyone Feels The Same’.

Fiedel recently contributed a punishing remix for AHMD’s Death Drive, which was released via The Vinyl Factory.

Head here for more info, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. Mode_1 – Return

Side AA

1. Duncan Macdonald – Not Everyone Feels The Same

Photo by: Guido Borso