Experimental artist Klein releasing Frozen album on vinyl





Combining field recordings, samples, avant-garde electronics, and abrasive sonics.

Artist and composer Klein is releasing her Frozen on vinyl for the first time, via Parkwuud Entertainment this March.

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Across the album, Klein weaves together a tapestry of sound out of field recordings, samples, experimental electronics, organs, and abrasive sonics.

Frozen is accompanied by a short note from Klein, which reads as follows: “thank you. got u m8.”

It follows the release of her Harmattan album, in 2021.

Pre-order Frozen here in advance of its 18th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. when jesus says yes, nobody can say no
2. care about us
3. U got this
4. another dust
5. grit
6. reveal itself
7. needed and saved
8. mark
9. understand our tracks
10. tribute
11. west end vs warri