Erased Tapes announces debut LP by contemporary classical saxophonist Daniel Thorne





Inspired by “birds-eye aerial images and the idea of perspective.”

Australian-born composer and saxophonist Daniel Thorne is releasing his debut solo album, Lines of Sight, via Erased Tapes this March.

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Speaking about his creative process, Thorne shared: “I’ve long been a fan of studio-based composition, but have always found the infinite possibilities on offer daunting and, often, a stumbling block.”

“To get around this I set myself a challenge of limiting myself to the physical instruments in my possession – a few different saxophones and a bass synth, with no more than four tracks to record them.”

Lines of Sight follows Rival Consoles’ Them Is Us as well as Masayoshi Fujita’s Book of Life LP on Erased Tapes in 2018.

Pre-order a copy of the album here ahead of its 15th March release, listen to ‘From Inside, Looking Out’ and check out the track list below.


1. From Inside, Looking Out
2. From The Other Side Of The World
3. From The Heavens
4. Pyriscence
5. Threnody For A Burning Building
6. Fear Of Floating