Multi-instrumentalist Emma-Jean Thackray shares hypnotic, single take video for 'Make Do'



Starring The Florida Project actress and choreographer Mela Murder.

Following the release of her Madlib inspired EP Ley Lines on The Vinyl Factory this month, Emma-Jean Thackray has premiered its first video for track ‘Make Do’.

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From the horns to the choir, drums and the rest, Ley Lines was entirely written, produced, laid down and mixed by Emma-Jean herself, evoking Madlib’s jazz adventures with Yesterday’s New Quintet:

“I love the characters Madlib creates. So when I sat down to play each instrument, I tried to be a different person, or at least different part of myself. I would change outfits or try to think in a different way in order to express different characters across the “band”, she says, omitting to mention that her “band” would have totalled almost 30 members.

The ‘Make Do’ video was directed by Isolde Penwarden, and created with an all-female team including cinematographer Kez Coo, and animator Clara Cebrian.

Shot in a single take, it opens with rhythmic, close-up choreography of Murder, before slowly panning out to reveal her child Amethyst and their surroundings.

Ley Lines is out now on The Vinyl Factory.