Editions Mego announces Stephen O’Malley and François J. Bonnet collaboration, Cylene





“The noise that nurtures your ears after a long heartbreaking pain.”

Editions Mego has announced the release of Cylene, the first collaborative album by François J. Bonnet and Stephen O’Malley.

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Stephen O’Malley is a member of Seattle-based experimental metal band Sunn O))) and founder of experimental label Ideologic Organ. François J. Bonnet is a composer and electroacoustic musician, who often goes by the pseudonym Kassel Jaeger.

Cylene represents an exploration of the pair’s individual practices – O’Malley’s guitar combined with Bonnet’s composition – and is described in Joseph Ghosn’s liner notes as “about chaos being summoned and ordered.” Ghosn continues: “It is about the noise that nurtures your ears after a long heartbreaking pain.”

The 2xLP was recorded and mixed at GRM studios in Paris, and mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

The collaborative project follows Sunn O)))’s eighth studio album, Life Metal, and Bonnet’s Le Lisse et le Strié for Bonnet, both of which were released earlier in 2019.

Released on Editions Mego on 13th September, you can head here for more info or check out the tracklist and artwork below.

1. Première Noire
2. Erosion Always Wins
3. Pāhoehoe
4. Deuxième Noire
5. Tephras
6. Dernières Teintes Noires
7. Des Pas Dans Les Cendres