Breakcore meets ambient on E-Saggila’s new LP, Corporate Cross





Inspired by social anthropologist Mary Douglas’ theories of ‘dirt’.

E-Saggila, aka Rita Mikhael, is releasing a new album called Corporate Cross, via Hospital Productions this November.

Across the album’s nine tracks, E-Saggila metabolises cut-up bass and melodic hooks through ambient and breakcore.

Corporate Cross takes inspiration from social anthropologist Mary Douglas’ theories of ‘dirt’, which argues that dirt is a form of disruption to societal order.

“The constructed sounds draw a parallel between primalism and mechanisation, where structure and disorder mimic themselves through these titles,” explains E-Saggila.

Corporate Cross follows her Anima Bulldozer EP on Northern Electronics in September.

Pre-order Corporate Cross here in advance of its 20th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Redcloud
2. Replica
3. 9 Digest
4. Mouth In Reach
5. Cellygrin
6. For The Butterfly
7. Slowland
8. Corporate Cross
9. Mantis Print