Drexciya celebrated with new exhibition and compilation





With a live performance from Drexciya co-founder Gerald Donald.

A Drexciya exhibition, called Bubble Chamber, is opening at Zurich’s Up Sate gallery this November, with a 2xLP compilation of the same name forthcoming the following month

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The exhibition includes work by Detroit visual artist Abdul Qadim Haqq, who designed some of Drexciya’s classic artwork during the ’90s.

Drexciya co-founder Gerald Donald will perform under his Arpanet alias at Zürich’s Mikro gallery as part of the exhibition.

The Book of Drexciya Vol 1, a comic book exploring Drexciyan mythology “from the origin story to several hundred years after the founding of the Drexciyan Empire”, will be on sale.

Gentrified Underground is also releasing a compilation of the same name exploring the duo’s influence, called Bubble Chamber, with a track by XOR Gate – one of Donald’s aliases.

The exhibition will run from the 15th – 23rd of November, with the compilation following in December.

Up State is located at: Flüelastrasse 54, 8047, Zürich, Switzerland.

Head here for more info, and check out the Bubble Chamber tracklist below.


Side A

1. Xor Gate – Hyperbola
2. Shawescape Renegade – Soldiers Of Electro
3. DJ Dijital – I Am Morpheus

Side B

1. Plant43 – Evapotranspiration
2. The Exaltics – Don´t Ask Me Why
3. Kuldaboli- Draumur inní heilann þinn

Side C

1. Iko – Approach On Tokyo
2. Tom Ware – Take Time To Hurry
3. Kuldaboli – Beygluð sál

Side D

1. Luz1e – Transvision
2. Sansibar – Cyberdine Systems