Will Long and DJ Sprinkles deconstruct the dancefloor on new Long Trax vinyl series





Deep house studies.

The first doublepack EP in a three-part series to pair original material by Will Long with DJ Sprinkles’ overdubs, Purple / Blue (Long Trax EP1) is something of a deep house thesis on the state of the dancefloor as the liberating, progressive and inclusive space it was once intended to be.

As the release notes on Boomkat explain, the series will “effectively compare deep house’s original, economical aesthetics and function as the soundtrack to marginalised society, with its current position; repackaging and overproducing the same old ideas with empty sloganeering, operating as the catalyst of social trends, rather than an agent of social transformation.”

will long dj sprinkles vinyl

The 45 minute deep house suite is split across a double vinyl EP, that ebbs with a seductive minimalism, Sprinkles’ plaintive overdubs that will speak to anyone for whom Midtown 120 Blues remains sacred.

Mastered by Terre Thaemlitz, cut at Dubplates & Mastering and with artwork by Comatonse collaborator Tsuji Aiko, Purple / Blue (Long Trax EP 1) is limited to 500 copies. Order yours now.


Purple Blue (EP 1)
A Time Has Come
B Time Has Come (Sprinkles Overdub)
C Chumps
D Chumps (Sprinkles Overdub)

Mint Clay (EP 2)
A Under-Currents
B Under-Currents (Sprinkles Overdub)
C Get In & Stay In
D Get In & Stay In (Sprinkles Overdub)

Yellow Ivory Rust (EP 3)
A Pigs
B Pigs (Sprinkles Overdub)
C Daylight & Dark
D Daylight & Dark (Sprinkles Overdub)
E That’s What They Understand
F That’s What They Understand (Sprinkles Overdub)

Comatonse will release Mint Clay on 8th September and Yellow Ivory Rust on 29th September.