Discogs iOS app updated with new features

Discogs iOS app updated with new features




You can now find out how much your collection is worth.

Online vinyl marketplace and collector companion Discogs has updated its long-awaited new mobile app. While it recently also announced an official Android app, the new set of updates apply to the iOS version, and include a tutorial for new users and a function that will estimate the value of you collection.

Check out the features and updates on the official Discogs app for iOS version 1.5 below:

– Discogs inbox / messages
– Profile data, including estimated Collection value
– Added text labels to buttons on the Marketplace order page
– Added a link back to the order when leaving feedback on a Marketplace order
– Users of the Marketplace listing and Database release API endpoints can now specify a currency for prices
– Added a collection value endpoint for accessing minimum, median and maximum total value of a user’s collection at /users//collection/value; users can only access their own collection value stats
– Added a simple form to solicit product feedback at the bottom of the Collection
– To speed up the initial page load, many thumbnail images across the site are downloaded on demand, as they are scrolled into view; this is in effect on:
– Marketplace and Database search results
– Artist and label pages
– Marketplace inventory edit page
– User avatar images on the release reviews
– A “Start Tutorial” button has been added to empty Collections that shows a new user how to catalog their collection

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Artist and Label facet display bug
– Fixed Wantlist random item button
– Fixed a bug in which modal windows could be hard to scroll or close on short browser windows or mobile devices
– Fixed issue with experiment variation selection that sometimes affected the visibility of the Collection
– Fixed issue preventing tutorials from restarting

Anyone unfamiliar with the app and how to catalogue your collection should read our introduction here.

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