Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn collaborate on new album, Pigments





Touching on elements of classical, jazz, and ambient electronica.

Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn are releasing a new collaborative album, titled Pigments, via Merge this October.

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Touching on elements of classical, jazz and ambient electronica, Pigments was conceived as a collections of “movements” drawing on Richard’s experiences growing up as a Black woman.

“This album is what it means to be a dreamer and finally reach a place where you’ve decided to love the pigments that you have,” she explains.

Pigments follows Richard’s Second Line album in 2021, as well as Zahn’s Pale Horizon LP on Cascine earlier this year in May.

Pre-order Pigments from Bandcamp in advance of its 21st October release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Coral
2. Sandstone
3. Indigo
4. Vantablack
5. Sienna
6. Cerulean
7. Opal
8. Saffron
9. Crimson
10. Cobalt
11. Umber

Photo by: Nudevinyl