Contemporary Japanese indie music collected on new Minna Miteru compilation





Inside Nippon’s DIY scenes.

A new compilation of Japanese indie music, appropriately titled Minna Miteru (A Compilation Of Japanese Indie Music), is being released by Morr Music in collaboration with Alien Transistor this May.

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Compiled by Tenniscoats’ Saya Ueno, Minna Miteru includes brass bands, sound-experiments, and folk, such as: one-man-orchestra Ichi, who uses balloons, a xylophone, and a typewriter to make music, pianist/vocalist Ytoma, and trumpet/trumpet/organ trio kibito popo

“The featured bands and musicians share a certain idea of DIY, and are also connected through frequent collaborations and mutual appreciation,” shares the label.

Head here for more info in advance of Minna Miteru’s 1st May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.



1. Ueno – Hasunosu Tr.06
2. Tenniscoats & yumbo – Shiroimono
3. Takashi Hattori – Lost Gray
4. Namaeganai – miagetara
5. Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong – Party On A Floating Cake
6. Sakana – Alpha Sakana
7. Vagamoron – N.P.S.
8. Kasumi Trio – Persian Rug
9. Ytamo – Marcos (Brazil)
10. Go Hirano – Windy Shores
11. Satoko Shibata – But, Dance
12. Tomoaki Saito + Tenco Matsuri – To To To 1
13. Popo – kibito
14. Eddie Marcon – Toratolion
15. Zayaendo – Hiyodori


1. Cacoy – yoko majikick ono
2. Ichi – Toh Nan Sha Pei
3. Andersens – The Light Becomes Rain, The Rain Becomes A River, And The Light Becomes Snow
4. Aritomo – Creer En La Ilusión
5. Jiro Imai – Ame Ga Futte Kitanda, Yoru Mo Furune
6. Urichipangoon – Laser Stickers NO.4
7. Jun Konagaya – Magnolia
8. Yumbo – The Devil Song
9. Nikasoup & Sayasource – Merestia
10. borzoi – toki no mado
11. Yuko Ikema – Time Tonight
12. 2B – My Holy Parade

Photo credit, in order of image appearance: Hiromi Shinada