Clearaudio unveils new boomerang shaped turntable





Costs a fair bit more than a frisbee though…

Clearaudio has released a new turntable, called Reference Jubilee.

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Building on the original Reference turntable of the 1980s, the Reference Jubilee features a “resonance–optimised chassis” made of laminated wood and aluminium.

The turntable also boasts Clearaudio’s “optical speed control system”, which uses an optical sensor to control deviations in the sub-platter’s rotational speed.

The company notes it has employed a new air-core 24-volt DC motor to ensure that everything runs as quietly as possible.

Weighing in at 22kg, the Reference Jubilee measures 9.49″ x 13.50″ x 6.30″.

The turntable is available now, for £17,500.

Head to Clearaudio’s website for more info.