Charles Manson’s prison recordings released on limited vinyl

Charles Manson’s prison recordings released on limited vinyl



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“Beautiful melodies and powerful songs” from the serial killer and former cult leader.

Charles Manson has released an album of guitar-based songs, recorded while he was incarcerated at San Quentin prison in the 1980s. Proceeds from the record will go to the environmental charity Air Trees Water Animals.

As Billboard explains, Manson has been chasing a record deal for nearly fifty years now. Prior to instructing his cult followers to commit a series of nine murders in 1969, Manson wrote folk songs but failed to get them heard.

Neil Young tried unsuccessfully to get him a deal with Reprise. The Beach Boys recorded one of his songs, which charted in 1968, but his connection with drummer Dennis Wilson was allegedly cut short after Wilson heard about Mason murdering a man with an M16.

Now, to coincide with ABC’s new documentary on Manson, a tape from the ’80s has been released on limited vinyl. Walking in the Truth, produced by Malcolm Tent, presents the tape recordings with clearer, cleaner sound and repaired edits. Find out more here.

“I wanted to make a tasteful package,” Tent told Billboard. “With me, there’s a huge fascination with uncovering these lost nuggets, especially from what’s come to be known as ‘outsider artists.’ I think Charles Manson is probably the ultimate outsider: He is nowhere near our society or our reality.”

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