Cesar Toribio's Conclave project releasing debut album on Love Injection Records





Bringing together layered rhodes, organ, percussion, Yoruba chants and more.

Cesar Toribio’s Conclave project will release a self-titled debut album via Love Injection Records this June.

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Helmed by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Cesar Toribio, Conclave is formed of a rotating group of musicians including Scott Scribner, Gabo Lugo, Maria Padilla, Scott Bevins, Aquiles Navarro, and Sharin Toribio.

The album explores Toribio’s interest in claves, which the label describes as “a unifying rhythm that holds the key to unlock dances both ancestral and contemporary.”

It marks the first LP released on Love Injection Records, and follows the release of Conclave’s ‘Perdón (The Louie Vega Remixes)’ in March earlier this year.

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Pre-order Conclave here in advance of its 18th June release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Intro
2. Habla
3. Relax
4. Twice video
5. All That I Need (feat. Sharin)
6. There’s Enough
7. Perdón
8. Rise (Interlude)
9. Rise
10. Alati Yeye Chege
11. Take Heed (Nu Sunlight)