Celer weaves Chinese-inspired cinematic soundscapes in new album, Xièxie





A hazy collage of field recordings and tape loops.

Artist Will Long is releasing a new album under his Celer alias called Xièxie, out this June on 2xLP via his Two Acorns imprint.

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The album is inspired by a trip Long took to Shanghai and Hangzhou in 2017; as he shares: “I bought a dictionary and phrasebook, but “xièxie” (thank you) was the only word I ever got to use.”

Its 11-tracks collect audio snippets like sonic diary entries of his travels.

Xièxie follows the nine albums Long released as Celer in 2018, including I Wish You Could on Constellation Tatsu and his self-released Malaria LP.

Pre-order a copy of Xièxie here on silver or black vinyl, and check out the track list below.


1. (06.23.17) From the doorway of the beef noodle shop, shoes on the street in the rain, outside the karate school
2. Rains lit by neon
3. In the middle of the moving field
4. (06.26.17) Maglev at 303 km/h
5. Text me when you wake up
6. For the entirety
7. (06.24.17) Birds inside the high halls of Hangzhou, (06.23.17) Shanghai red line, metro karaoke
8. Prelude to obsession I
9. Prelude to obsession II
10. (06.26.17) Waiting in Hangzhou
11. Our dream to be strangers