Bullion’s DEEK cohort cover Larry Heard, Bill Withers, Fleetwood Mac and more on 4 Down





The compilation features shimmering renditions of leftfield pop oddities.

Producer and musician Bullion has announced the fourth covers compilation on his label DEEK Recordings, set to be released this October.

Built around the label’s “pop, not slop!” motto, Bullion assembled a cast of young musicians from the label’s orbit to provide new versions of oddball pop, soul and electronic songs.

Renditions featured include Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Only Over You’ by Nautic, Eleven Pond’s ‘Watching Trees’ by Nathan Micay, Bullion’s own version of ‘Heartbreak Road’ by Bill Withers, and Paul Simon’s ‘Kathy’s Song’ by Westerman, which you can hear below.

Recorded in Portugal, 4 Down follows the releases of Covered in Gloria, Pun For Cover and Extraordinary Renditions in previous years.

The collection features artwork by Portuguese artist Bráulio Amado, who also provided the sleeves for Róisín Murphy and Maurice Fulton’s 4×12″ series released on The Vinyl Factory in 2018.

4 Down is released on 18th October via DEEK Recordings. Head here for more information and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Joviale (prod. Bullion) – Storm (Rare Silk)
2. Camila Fuchs – Inside Out (Martin Dupont)
3. C.A.R. – Making Plans For Nigel (XTC)
4. Westerman (prod. Bullion) – Kathy’s Song (Paul Simon)
5. System Olympia – Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)
6. M.T. Hadley – Easy Way Out (Elliott Smith)
7. Nautic – Only Over You (Fleetwood Mac)
8. Kiki Kudo – T’en Va Pas (Elsa)
9. Kreme – Missing You (Larry Heard)
10. Bullion – Heartbreak Road (Bill Withers)
11. Nathan Micay – Watching Trees (Eleven Pond)