Brownswood announces debut EP by eight-piece collective KOKOROKO





With their We Out Here track alongside 3 new tunes.

KOKOROKO’s self-titled, debut EP is being released this March via Brownswood.

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KOKOROKO follows the group’s contribution to We Out Here – last year’s survey of the London jazz scene and one of our favourite records of 2018.

Since the release of We Out Here last February, ‘Abusey Junction’ has become one of the album’s most recognised tracks, and is also featured on the new EP.

According to Brownswood, the EP sees KOKOROKO “(channeling) the greats of West Africa through a jazz-rooted approach building on the foundations laid by Fela Kuti, Tony Allen and Ebo Taylor.”

Pre-order a copy of KOKOROKO here ahead of its March release, listen to ‘Uman’ and check out the track list below.


1. Adwa
2. Ti-de
3. Uman
4. Abusey Junction