Black Midi return to Rough Trade with Hellfire





Exploring pain, loss, and anguish.

Black Midi are releasing a new album, called Hellfire, via Rough Trade this July.

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Picking up where their 2021 album Cavalcade left off, Hellfire explores themes of pain, loss and anguish.

“Almost everyone depicted is a kind of scumbag,” explains Geordie Greep. “Almost everything I write is from a true thing, something I experienced and exaggerated and wrote down.”

“I don’t believe in Hell, but all that old world folly is great for songs, I’ve always loved movies and anything else with a depiction of Hell.”

Hellfire follows the release of the band’s live album, Live-Cade.

Pre-order Hellfire from Rough Trade in advance of its 15th July release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Hellfire
2. Sugar/Tzu
3. Eat Men Eat
4. Welcome to Hell
5. Still
6. The Race Is About to Begin
7. Dangerous Liaisons
8. The Defence
9. 27 Questions