Björk performs live in London during 1997



Big Time Sensuality.

At the end of Björk tour for Post, she performed at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire in February 1997.

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Primarily comprised of songs from Post and Debut, the 70-minute performance includes now iconic tracks ‘Army of Me’, ‘Big Time Sensuality’, and ‘Venus as a Boy’.

A recording of the Shepherd’s Bush performance directed by David Barnard was later released on VHS in 1998.

Watch the performance in full above and check out the setlist below.


1. Headphones
2. Army of Me
3. One Day
4. The Modern Things
5. Venus as a Boy
6. You’ve Been Flirting Again
7. Isobel
8. Possibly Maybe
9. I Go Humble
10. Big Time Sensuality
11. Hyperballad
12. Enjoy
13. Human Behaviour
14. Anchor Song (Alagándose Moir)
15. I Miss You
16. Crying
17. Violently Happy
18. Glóra