Avalon Emerson launches new site, Buy Music Club, to share recommendations and buy records



“DJs and many dance music fans don’t just casually stream music — we buy it, too.”

Avalon Emerson has launched a new website to share and purchase Bandcamp lists.

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“DJs and many dance music fans don’t just casually stream music — we buy it, too,” writes Emerson on the Buy Music Club website. “And since Bandcamp is currently one of the most equitable music vendors online, discovering and buying music there is one of the best ways to support independent artists and record labels.”

The site, which was was designed in collaboration with Louis Center and Ignatius Gilfedder, features some of Emerson’s favourite tunes from 2018, along with links to purchase them on Bandcamp. “I buy a ton of music there since it usually gives the biggest cut to the artists and labels,” she continues.

“These records lived in my sets and on my home hi-fi this past year. In ever-so-slight chronological order of when I added them to my computer, but also not. Mostly released in 2018, but some are from ‘17 that I slept on until this year. Of course not everything, just the Bandcamp joints!”

Buy Music Club currently features lists curated by Avalon Emerson, Four Tet, Machine Woman, Tasker, Pearson Sound and more. It also accepts user submissions.

Photograph by: Joseph Kadow

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