Athens of the North releasing new Andrew Wasylyk album





Landscapes of eastern Scotland reimagined as instrumental compositions.

Athens of the North is releasing a new album by Andrew Wasylyk, titled Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation, this September.

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The third in a trio of releases focusing on the landscape of eastern Scotland, Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation’s music “drifts back inland along the River Tay’s inner estuary: a record of the low light on winter fields, empty suburban streets at dawn, the deep clear waters of the quarry excavated to build the city.

Recorded during 2019 and early 2020, the album also features string arrangements by musician Pete Harvey.

Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation follows Athens of the North’s release of a compilation of lovers rock covers, called For The Love Of You, this March.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation’s 4th September release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. A Further Look at Loss
2. Last Sunbeams of Childhood
3. Fugitive Light Restless Water
4. The Violet Hour
5. Everywhere Something Sublime
6. In Balgay Silhouettes
7. Awoke in the Early Days of a Better World
8. (Half-light Of) The Cadmium Moon
9. Black Bay Dream Minor
10. Lost, Aglow

Photo by: Euan Robertson