Arthur Russell’s seminal World Of Echo gets rare vinyl reissue



To put this in some kind of context, there’s just one copy of World Of Echo for sale on Discogs right now and it’s a testpressing without cover art priced at a modest $175.

And this reissue isn’t going to hang around long either. Limited to just 1000 copies and executed by Audika Records – the label responsible for Russell’s estate – this necessary reissue of Arthur Russell’s 1986 masterpiece is about as essential a piece of wax as you’re likely to find.

Originally released on Rough Trade and Upside Records, the quiet and enchanting World Of Echo has since garnered cult status; a complete picture of Russell’s extraordinary talent, both in crafting delicate and ethereal soundscapes on his cello and in penning avant garde hooks that would grace the most forward thinking dancefloors of downtown NYC.

Featuring beatless versions of disco classics like Lola’s ‘Wax the Van’, ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ and ‘Tree House’ that would define the scene on Sleeping Bag records, as well as avant-pop favourites like ‘Lucky Cloud’, World Of Echo touches base with a number of genres from no-wave to dub but alights nowhere, choosing instead to pursue a lonely, but desperately rewarding path to one of the most impressive and immersive albums of the decade.

The only problem with owning this one vinyl? You’ll have to break the spell to flip the record. Remastered and revised on double vinyl, World Of Echo is officially released on Monday, but you might want to get your act together and pre-order a copy, because this ton won’t go far.

Look out for out in-depth review of World Of Echo including an interview with Audika Records next week and listen to ‘Lucky Cloud’ below:

Last year, fledgling label Arc Light Editions released Arthur Russell’s equally elusive Another Thought on vinyl for the first time, making it into our pick of the Top 100 Vinyl Releases of 2013.