A new listening bar has opened in Thailand, 22 Nakhonnok





Focusing on South East Asian funk, jazz, rare groove, and ’70s-’80s pop.

A new listening bar has opened in Songkhla, Thailand, called 22 Nakhonnok.

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“Unlike in Bangkok or Chiangmai, where people are often exposed to many different music scenes, in the rest of Thailand, especially in the south, music has never really been prioritised and promoted, let alone vinyl records,” shares founder Yugo Tham.

Aiming to rectify this, 22 Nakhonnok will showcase a variety of vinyl records — focusing on ’70s-’80s pop, South East Asian funk, Luk Krung, Luk Thung, jazz, and rare groove.

The space will also host DJ events, and live performances.

“We are the first records and listening bar in southern Thailand … we want people to get together comfortably with our music selections by sharing our ‘audio living room’.”

22 Nakhonnok is open Thursday – Sunday, from 5pm till late.

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