50 years of vinyl records in an infographic

50 years of vinyl records in an infographic




Back to the future and back again.

Like an endangered species brought back from the brink of extinction, the excitement around every “vinyl is back” statistic is beginning to sound like that which accompanies news of a panda pregnancy in Scotland. Only last week, we reported that Amazon UK’s wax sales were up 100% on last year, boosted in no small number by the record breaking popularity of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

On top of all the stats from Nielsen’s mid-term report and the unprecedented success of Record Store Day, the barrage of percentage signs can become somewhat overwhelming. Step up The Music Bed, who have condescend the ups and downs of the last 50 years of vinyl history into one handy infographic.

Charting the various assaults of invasive species – the cassette, CD and MP3 – on our humble plastic panda, you can check out the eminently scrollable graphic below. [via Mashable]

vinyl infographic

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