Watch record dealer Victor Kiswell go digging in Colombia

Watch record dealer Victor Kiswell go digging in Colombia



Follow Kiswell as he hunts and haggles his way through Bogota.

Trading exclusively in jaw-dropping rarities, Victor Kiswell is something of a cult dealer. To keep his stock fresh, Kiswell regularly globe trots in search of hidden treasures. Digging for him, is both a passion and a job.

Following his recent trip to Cairo, this second episode of Vinyl Bazaar takes Kiswell to Colombia.

First stop? Botoga, and to must-visit spot Cosmos – an Aladdin’s cave of shoes, salsa and cumbia. As Kiswell explains, he’s drawn to the the lesser-known style of Afro cumbia, which traces the African roots of this 17th century dance music. He’s not prepared to part with his cash unless he gets a fair deal though – as you’ll see above.

The video above is a 10-minute section from the one hour long documentary which you can watch in full over at

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